LandSmart® Water Resources

The LandSmart Water Resources Program provides a comprehensive set of tools to help agricultural and rural residential landowners in their voluntary water management and conservation efforts. The RCDs can work with landowners on a variety of water resource issues including: managing surface water, managing stormwater, rainwater catchment, evaluating irrigation systems, improving agricultural irrigation efficiency, monitoring groundwater levels, water conservation, and understanding your water rights.


Vineyard Irrigation System Evaluations

This program provides on-site irrigation system evaluations for vineyard owners and managers. These evaluations determine system distribution uniformity, identify irrigation issues that need to be addressed, and provide recommendations to improve performance. Check with your local RCD for funding opportunities.


Water Conservation Technical Assistance

Growers and rural homeowners interested in water conservation are provided resources including:

  • Workshops on vineyard irrigation management, rainwater catchment, stormwater management, improving water infiltration and water retention.
  • One-on-one technical assistance to determine water supply, management, and conservation options, and in some cases assistance with project design, permitting, and cost share funding.


Russian River Coho Water Resources Partnership

This partnership of local partners was formed in 2009 to respond to the precipitous decline of coho salmon and emerging water supply needs for agricultural and rural landowners in the Russian River watershed. Participating watersheds include Dutch Bill Creek, Grape Creek, Green Valley Creek, Mark West Creek, and Mill Creek. The partnership has assisted landowners with frost protection alternatives, development of off-stream water storage, rainwater capture, and irrigation efficiency. Visit for more information.


Slow it. Spread it. Sink it, Store it!

The RCD’s recently updated “Slow it, Spread it, Sink it, Store it!,” guide to beneficial stormwater management assists landowners to manage runoff, offers best management practices featuring small to large scale techniques, and provides local resources to get your project started.


Groundwater Elevation Monitoring Program

The groundwater elevation monitoring program includes groundwater monitoring on private lands as part of an effort called the California Statewide Groundwater Elevation Monitoring (CASGEM) program. This is the first statewide program of its kind, designed to collect groundwater elevations, facilitate collaboration between local monitoring entities and the Department of Water Resources, and to report this information to the public.