Climate Beneficial Vineyard Management Symposium

Farming for carbon sequestration and reduced greenhouse gas emissions is an emerging opportunity for farmers interested in addressing climate change. A symposium was held in November 2016 at Shone Farm in Forestville to serve as a forum for researchers and professional to discuss the latest information on climate change mitigation in vineyards. The following are presentations from this symposium:

Vineyard Ecosystem Science: Carbon Footprints and Biochar (Dr. David Smart, UC Davis)

Carbon Sequestration Accounting: COMET-Farm Calculator (Dr. Adam Chambers, NRCS National Air Quality and Atmospheric Change Team)

Climate beneficial agriculture and soil health: An overview of methods for measuring ecological improvement in soils (Dr. Joshua Beniston, SRJC)

Carbon Farm Plans for Vineyards (Charles Schembre, Napa RCD)