Management Tips to Enhance Land & Water Quality for Small Acreage Properties

A 68-page guide for owners and managers of small acreage properties in the Laguna de Santa Rosa watershed, with tips appropriate on a regional level. Published by the Sonoma (formerly Sotoyome) Resource Conservation District, September, 2007.


(UPDATED January 2014!) Handbook for Forest, Ranch & Rural Roads

A guide for planning, designing, construction, reconstruction, maintaining and closing wildland roads.


The Grazing Handbook

The Grazing Handbook is for public agency personnel and private landowners who may be interested in exploring the use of livestock grazing to further their resource management goals.


Horse Keeping Guide to Land Management for Clean Water

This guide provides practical management information to San Francisco Bay Area horse owners on what they can do to help protect the environment. Whether a horse owner has one animal or operates a boarding facility, all equestrians play an important role in assuring that our watersheds are healthy and our creeks clean.


Horses for Clean Water

Environmentally-friendly source of information for horse owners/horse properties.


 Horse Manure Management- A Guide for Bay Area Horse Keepers